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HOBA Pro® helps you easily manage all of your business transformation, from Target Operating Model discover, design and delivery in one organised visual place. 

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HOBA Pro Business Transformation Platform

Easy and intuitive

We made it easy to manage your entire business transformation with step through wizard and preformatted and designed blueprints and templates


HOBA Pro® has built in automation to help create all the blueprints in HOBA quickly with minimum effort and excellent results


HOBA Pro® puts the control back in the Business’ hands and enables the User control and manage the discovery, design and delivery of the entire business transformation

Manage Scope

Organisation Mapping

Identify parts of the organisation impacted by change, and as importantly, which ones are not (and why).

HOBA Pro-Stakeholder Mapping

Confirm Stakeholders

Stakeholder Mapping

Easily map out and identify all the key stakeholders and their level of influence, giving reassurance in having all the right people involved in the project.

User Experience

User Journey Mapping

Highlight areas of importance and areas of concern to maintain or improve the user’s experience.

HOBA Pro-User Journey Mapping
HOBA Pro Business Transformation Platform Step 3-Analyse-Process Mapping

Process Improvement

Process Mapping

Reclaim time to focus on process(es) that have the highest impact and value, from a central process model and maps.

Contains all the HOBA templates

HOBA Pro Business Transformation Platform Templates - Business Model Canvas
HOBA Pro Business Transformation Platform Templates - Backlog
HOBA Pro Business Transformation Platform Templates - Organisation Map


HOBA Pro Use Case Process Optimisation


HOBA Pro Use Case Digital Transformation

Target Operating
Model (TOM)

HOBA Pro Use Case Target Operating Model

Stories from our community

"HOBA Pro® has revolutionized the way we approach Business Strategy and Target Operating Model (TOM) design and implementation at our firm. The challenges we faced in business transformation were daunting, including difficulties with drawing designs and completing the ‘Strategic Management Cycle’."
Ryan Lee
Head of Global Business Solutions
"In a highly competitive environment, having the right toolkit is crucial. Implementing HOBA Pro® has given us a competitive edge in the market, and more importantly, it has made our business more resilient. The software has enabled us to identify potential risks and has allowed us to mitigate these in advance."
Hemathri Balakrishnan
Head of Global Platforms
"As a business transformation consultant, I have seen numerous approaches for addressing the issues of business transformation and target operating model design. HOBA Pro® has been a game-changer for us and has been instrumental in communicating our organisation’s needs to our stakeholders, including internal and external parties.
Syed Shahzad
Chief Technology Officer

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Launching July 2024.

A new way to manage your business transformation.

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