Achieve Your Target Operating Model (TOM) with HOBA Pro®

Transform your business with the HOBA Pro® Business Transformation Platform. Our platform addresses the challenges seen in target operating model design and implementation.

HOBA Pro® addresses the challenges seen in target operating model design and implementation, such as:


Manage Org Design

Start defining your TOM from the Bottom-Up

The first step in defining your current operating model is to put your arms around whos in scope (and who’s not). We made that super easy. 

HOBA Pro-Stakeholder Mapping

Manage Stakeholders

Identify and confirm in-scope stakeholders

Transformations programs fail for numerous reasons. One of them is dealing with the wrong stakeholders or not confirming their role. We made that easy too.

One central workspace for your IT team

Manage Business Benefits

Identify, quantity & prioritise benefits

The purpose of any transformation project is to realise business benefits. We made that real easy to identify, quantify and prioritise you business benefits (not to mention model and map them)!

HOBA Pro-Benefits Mapping-Benefits Map

Benefits Realisation

The purpose of change is to realise benefits

Our Benefits Realisation Mapping is second-to-none. You’ve now designed your TOM using the in-scope changes & enablers that enable the Business to realise the planned benefits, now you can manage their realisation!

Highly secure and fully compliant IT management software

Our security controls are based on international standards and best practices.

Enhance your security monitoring with audit logs, SSO and session management.

Easily manage users and control who can access different features across your account

Get started with our IT operations templates


Vendors List


Supply Orders


Software Updates


IT Orders


Inventory Management


Room Management


Tech Deployment


Tools Management

Contains all the HOBA® templates

HOBA Pro Teams
HOBA Pro Backlog
HOBA Pro Backlog

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HOBA Pro Use Case Process Optimisation


HOBA Pro Use Case Digital Transformation

Target Operating
Model (TOM)

HOBA Pro Use Case Target Operating Model

Transform faster and better than you ever thought possible.

It’s like a Pro – it’s HOBA Pro.

Launching July 2024

A new way to manage your business transformation.

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Automatically bring your data from multiple apps into
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Break down
cross-functional silos

Break down
cross-functional silos

Break down
cross-functional silos